Hi, we are gradlounge. We got tired of searching for people on facebook groups when looking to get help in our research. So we created GradLounge to be able to benefit from all the knowledge available on campus. We friggin' love it, now you can too.


None of us know everything. But as a collective, academic communities command a tremendous knowledge base. Through GradLounge, we enable you to benefit from the full potential of your commnunity by giving you a one-stop solution to find the best collaboration partners.


We believe that at the base of every scholary quest lies a desire to meaningfully contribute to human knowledge. At GradLounge, we are committed to this ideal and we want to help you to make the best out of your graduate experience by making it easy for you to find and contact peers with complimentary skill set on campus.

Skill Mastery

We all love to become better to what we do. But becoming better requires working on novel and challenging problems.
With GradLounge, you will be able to prefect your skilltest by testing it on the latest research questions.


The highest level of work is usually found at the intersection of different skillset.
Take your research to a new level by taking advantage of the complementary knowledge of your peers.

rediscover the beautiful side of academia

Access the full potential of your campus at your fingertips

What is GradLounge?

The central aim of GradLounge is to expedite problem solving and troubleshooting in research, as departments continue to grow and become decentralized across city buildings. GradLounge addresses this issue through individual profiles detailing the student’s institutional information, proficiency in technologies and topics, as well as availability to collaborate.

Why Should I join?

Get rid of bad science and quick fixes

Access full wealth of collective knowledge

Increase your research output and quality

Expand your professional network

How does GradLounge work?

The platform tackles some of the biggest barriers to knowledge exchange between graduate students using two main features

"ReachOuts allow you to seamlessly connect with the whole graduate student community for both targeted problem-solving and curiosity-driven knowledge exchange. This feature is optimal for finding your situation-dependent best-match for face-to-face interaction."

"This feature gives you direct access to all events on campus. In particular, it avoids all the pain of having to signup to a gazillion mailing lists and get your inbox filled with unwanted content."